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make old car awesome
April 4, 2016

Buy a stunning new shiny car is a temptation of many of us. But most of our pockets don’t permit us to do so. And what about your old car; don’t you love it? Obviously, it’s a part of your routine life and might be dear to you. You’ve travelled thousands of miles on it.

On trips with friends and tours along with family even in markets to haul your accessories, it has been there for you in every outdoor moment. But now it has become too old and feels like an antique piece.

5 Easy Tips to Make an Old Car Awesome

If you come to know that there are some wonderful ways to make your older car look awesome then how would you feel? Yes, here are 5 tips that may renovate your antique car cheaply and make you less likely to be tempted for a new one.

1. Organize your Car

Make it your habit to clean yor car regularly. As well as, you have to maintain its interior by simply cleaning out the mess of things in it. You may also clear the dash board clear from dust to show better image of the car from outside..

Manage all the things which you need to carry out with you on a drive. Always keep a tool box ready on a separate place and insert all the documentations in the dash board box. The tires also need your attention if you drive in dusty area, try to wash them in every week by scratching the dry mud from them with help of a washing brush.

2. Buy Seat Covers

Usually, the old cars seem very miserable due to their tore seat covers. You can get it in better condition by purchasing good covers for the seats. Covers selection must be of decent design patterns and basic color schemes that may revive your car’s interior much gracefully.

3. Repair Scratches and Dents

Cheap scratch repair pens can only repair the upper layer of car’s coating. It isn’t affective to go to the basic paint layer. If your car’s body is of real metal then you’ve to use all the things from hot glue method to the suction method. This procedure is very powerful towards dent and deep scratch repairing and protects the car from rust.

4. Paint it

A paint touchup is a subject matter that fills a new life in outlook of your car. In general, an abuse of the same touchup can also spoil the reputation of your vehicle more than before. However, the outer plastic trim pieces of your car can also be removed. You can also use spray can to repaint it. It improves the dull parts well.

5. Get New Wheels

Wheels are those parts of a vehicle that may change the overall appearance of it. Mostly missing and mishaps with cement curbs damage its exterior. So, try to get new wheels for your car by investing once for a long period and enjoy a valued drive.

Now, your renovated car is ready to boost up the hike in the lane and you’re out there to move aside the brand new four wheelers confidently.

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